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Do organizational wellness programs enhance employee productivity? We’re supposed to say, “YES, of course!” but the truth is more like, “Yes — and no.” Some studies show that comprehensive, well-implemented wellness programs can have a positive impact on employees’ productivity and performance. It makes sense that a good wellness program would help employees be healthy, and that healthy employees would take fewer sick days and do a better job at work.

However, research in general does not consistently show a strong link between wellness programs and productivity. This may be due to the fact that the quality and comprehensiveness of wellness programs vary widely across organizations. Also, productivity is famously hard to measure. But we think there’s more to the picture. At Livzo, we understand that productivity and performance matter. Here’s what we believe about the connection between wellness and getting the job done.

Physical health is only one part of the picture

Many wellness programs over-emphasize fitness and nutrition. These are vitally important, but other aspects of health — such as emotional and social wellbeing — have an enormous impact. At Livzo, we see the whole person — mind, body, spirit, and community. That’s why we have holistically minded products, such as the Livzo Holistic Health Survey, an innovative HRA.

Life happens off the clock

Your employees may spend a lot of time at work, but what about evenings and weekends? Factors outside the work environment can have a huge impact on employees’ ability to show up and be productive. Each family, household and group of friends has a culture, and those cultures may be helping employees with their goals or holding them back. At Livzo, we welcome family participation, and our 24/7 reach allows employees to keep their wellness priorities close, no matter the place or the hour.

wellness and productivity

Employees need to know you care

A good wellness program shows employees that you care about their wellbeing, and caring actually matters when it comes to job performance. Recent research among a diverse population demonstrated that employees who perceived high organizational support for healthy lifestyles were more productive at work, regardless of their health status. Livzo’s high-quality, personalized wellness tools let your employees know that you care about them as people first and foremost.

Bottom line: Healthy employees are productive employees, but health is about much more than not being sick. A wellness program per se won’t necessarily boost your employees’ productivity and performance; but the right one will. Showing your employees that you care about them may be the biggest performance boost.


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Instagram did not return a 200.