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The best employees can be hard to find — and hold on to. These days, it’s no longer enough to offer a decent salary and benefits package. The most competitive employers are known for a variety of perks, from ping-pong tables to on-site childcare and elevated cuisine in their cafeterias. But how about being known for having an incredible wellness program?

If executed well, your wellness program could be one of the main attractions for potential employees. It could also be the factor that helps current employees decide to stay when they’re presented with other opportunities.


Here are two keys to creating a wellness program that attracts and keeps great employees.

Expand the value proposition for wellness

Losing weight, getting fit, eating better, and quitting smoking are among the most popular wellness goals. But wellness can also be about enhancing relationships, being financially sound, finding spiritual meaning, and connecting to the surrounding community. What does wellness mean to your employees? Segmenting employee populations based on different wellness needs and preferences is regarded as essential for creating wellness programs that have high participation rates and boost employee retention.  

Most organizations use employee interest surveys to achieve this. A good survey can go a long way, but there are other methods for learning about the wellness needs and interests of your employees:

  • Have informal, one-on-one conversations with a representative sampling of employees.
  • Employ a holistic HRA to get nuanced, group-level data.
  • Pay attention to how employees are engaging with your wellness offerings.
  • Aim to build an agile program that’s constantly monitoring behavior and interest.

With this information, you can adapt your wellness offerings to meet employees’ dynamic needs.

Support employees in pursuing their personal goals

At Livzo, we believe that every goal is a wellness goal. Wellness is about mind, body, spirit and community — in other words, life. Everyone has goals that are directly or indirectly tied to their wellbeing. Maybe they’re actively pursuing these goals now; most likely, they have a number of ideas lingering on the back burner.

Supporting each employee’s goals doesn’t mean having a different offering to address every possible need. You could try to do that, but it would probably be really complicated and expensive. With this in mind, we’ve built a highly customizable wellness platform that allows you to help your employees achieve the goals that are important to them.

Bottom line: It’s long been standard practice to offer wellness benefits to employees. But the right wellness program can do more for your organization than just check a box. A personalized experience will take your program from good to great. If you’re in a competitive industry, you can’t afford to overlook wellness as a key component of your recruitment and retention strategy. Attract and keep the right people by getting to know their diverse wellness needs and offering them personalized tools to help them thrive.


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